Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A sample letter to Visa Officer while applying for Canadian Visit Visa


            The Visa Officer,
            Canadian High Commission,
            Islamabad, Pakistan


Respected Sir,

            I am again submitting my application for Trourist Visa to Canada.

I may, in this context, add that Canada is a land of my dream since my childhood. Canada is the only country I could afford to visit due to my assiduous business schedules. It may be appreciated that my business is quite flourishing for which I have to work day and night and have to give minutely attention to my ever increasing business volumes. I don’t have sufficient time to spend much time on liesuring but Canada is the only country which I could not resist to visit. Its landscaps, its geography of vast and marvelous land, its saga of man’s adventurous spirit and other natural and artifical amusements attracted me so much that I have decided to visit Canada. It was to feel the charm and flavour of this great land. I have studied the Canadian histroy, which is a fascinating study; how the British and French who began the conquest of Canada by force, and have maintained that conquest in years of peace. I also want to see the highest standards of multiculturism in this wonderful country. I also want to feel the charm of Maritime Provinces of Canada. Canada being a land of contrasts is always in my fascination. I want to see the contrast and combination of French and British culture at a one place.

This aspect could be gauged from the itinery I am attaching with my application. Though, I was quite hopeful that I would have been allowed Visa, but I have yet not dashed hope. I am optimistic that this time I will be able to get the Visa and this will allow me to fulfill my heartiest dire to visit the country of my dreams.

Regarding your second objection, regarding purpose of Visit, I had attached the itinerary, evidence regarding hotel room reservation and ticket reservation. I could not understand what went wrong with these documents. However, now I have more consciously prepared all the documents regarding itinerary, hotel reservation and ticket booking.

Besides all above submissions, I would like to add that I am a genuine visitor as I am having sound financial and social ties in Pakistan as is evident from the documents I have attached. In view of the above stated facts and documents attached with the application form, it is requested that I may kindly be allowed Visit Visa to Canada.

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