Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What if your Canadian Visit Visa is Refused?

If your visa for Canada is refused, only option that you have is to file a new application for Canadian Visa and pay fresh application fee. There is no concept of filing formal appeal against the said refusal. It is advisable that you may make the second attempt for Canadian Visit Visa only if there is a change in your circumstances or you have additional information which could not be provided with your earlier application and you believe that such an information may be helpful for the Visa Officer to decide your request for Visit Visa in your favor.

Suppose, your visit visa is refused for the simple reason that you did not have the travel history to prove that you are a genuine visitor. In such circumstances, it is recommended that you may not apply for Canadian Visit Visa unless and unless you have made some foreign trip. As a policy your new application will be examined by the Officer other than the Officer who earlier examined your application.

In case, you are sure that your visa is refused arbitrarily by the Visa Officer without considering and appreciating the true aspects of your case, then you can file an appeal before the Federal Court of Canada to seek judicial review of the refusal decision made by the Canadian Visa Officer. But there are very rare chances that the Federal Court may intervene. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Applying for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan

Things to Do For applying for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan

I was intending to apply for Visit Visa of Canada from Pakistan. However, despite hectic efforts I found great problems to find out the necessary information required for submission of my application for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan on the website of due to so many links provided therein. So I hereby decided to provide brief and basic information needed by a Pakistani who needs a visit visa for Canada, which is annunciated hereunder:-

1.        The first thing one should know to apply for visit visa for Canada from Pakistan is that he has to fill in the online form and to get the copy thereof for submission in the Fedex Office of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad etc. They do not accept handwritten or typed application forms. They will not receive your manually filled in applications.

2.        For Temporary Resident Visa (Single Entry) the fee in Pak Rupee is 5,250. This fees could be paid in Canadian Dollars which is Can $ 75. For multiple visa the fees is Rs.10,500/- (Can. $ 150).

3.        How to pay the fee for canadian Visit Visa? The fee is to be paid through designated Branches of Standard Chartered Bank. Detail of branch network of Standard Chartered Bank can be obtained from their website: The challan form for payment of fee for canadian visa is available with the designated branches. After payment of fee two copies of challan will be returned to you and bank will retain two copies. Out of these two copies you have to attach green copy of challan. Please note that only green copy of challan is accepted as an evidence of payment of fee. Please note that this fees is non-refundable irrespective of the fact whether your application is accepted or refused.

Canadian Visit Visa From Pakistan

1.        How to submit your application for canadian visit visa. Canadian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan do not accept applications directly. The prospective visitors should have to apply through Fedex or TCS. However, it is recommended that one should apply through Fedex because their services are more professional and they guide better to their customers. Further information in this context could be obtained from Garry’s Website for Canadian Visa:-

2.        From where to get the relevant application package.
3.        You should also attach following documents with your visit visa application:-

a.        A valid passport, which is not going to be expired in next six months. There should also be atleast one black page of your passport. All previous passports should also be submitted.
b.       One copy of computerized national identity card (CNIC). It is adviseable to make a color copy of front and back page of your CNIC on the front of one page.

Documents required for applying for Canadian Visit Visa

a.        Two photos, which should not be more than six months old. On the back of the photos print the date of birth and name of the applicant.
b.       If you are traveling to meet someone near and dear to you, his invitation letter should be attached with your application. If you are on a business tour, a letter from some business organization should be attached. If you are just a tourist, you should attach a hotel reservation, air ticket booking and itinerary. Itinerary means the detailed program of your visit to the different places of Canada. For example, if you are visiting Canada for 15 days, you may provide detail of your each day’s activities and places where you want to visit. For example, you may like to spend your day-1 and 2 in Toronto and day-3 & 4 Vancouver and so on.
c.        Proof of adequate funds to prove that you can finance this trip, which could be in the shape of bank statement, statement from your Stock Exchange Broker etc. The bank statement for the last 6 months should be provided. Bank statement showing consistent deposits and withdrawals is more credible. If you have more than one bank account, provide bank statement for all the accounts in case they are showing reasonable transactions. Your bank statement should show that you have at least Rs.5,000,000/- in your credit to support your trip.

Documents Required for applying for Visit Visa For Canada

a.        If the tour is sponsered by the person who is inviting you, please provide his bank statement and other relevant documents. Other documents like his immigration status in Canada is also required to be submitted with your application.
b.       Following documents should be filed to prove your financial ties in Pakistan:-

                                                               i.      Details of your business. You can provide trading, profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow and detail of wealth duly attested by some authorized person like Chartered Accountant or an Income Tax Practitioner. These statements should be in reconcilation with your bank statement.
                                                              ii.      In case you are an employee, please provide:-
1.        certificate from the employer
2.        Pay slips.
3.        No objection certificate to the effect that your employer has no objection and he will allow you leave for the period you are intending to visit to Canada.

Documents Required for applying For Canadian Visit Visa

                                                               i.      Your National Tax No. Certificate.
                                                              ii.      Your income tax returns showing your income tax affairs for the last five years. Assume, you are filing your tax returns for last 20 years. Then attach your first two or three returns and then last five returns to show that your financial routs in Pakistan. However, one could justify the difference in results in financial statements and income tax return by saying that you have took the benefit of Universal Self Assessment Scheme.
                                                            iii.      If you are registered with sales tax, copies of sales tax returns may also be provided for previous six months.
                                                            iv.      If you are doing business with a multinational company or other large company, please provide a certificate from that company regarding your clientage with the said company.
                                                             v.      If you have got your brand name registered with the Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan please provide necessary evidence to this effect.
                                                            vi.      If you are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, please provide necessary certificate to this effect.
                                                          vii.      If you are maintaining an account with Stock Exchange Broker, a certificate or statement showing sale/purchase of shares may also be attached.
                                                         viii.      If you are maintaining a luxury vehcile, provide evidence registration book etc. With the application.
                                                             ix.      Provide detail of your properties in Pakistan.

Canadian Visit Visa From Pakistan

.           To prove your social ties in Pakistan you may attach the following documents/ details:-
            i.    Your marriage certificate.
            ii.    Form-B showing the details of your children.
iii.   If you are a member or having designation in any Association, Union or Party please provide necessary evidence to that effect.

            All the documents, which are other than English should be translated in English and duly attested by a Notery Public.
It would be appropraite to write down a letter for the Visa Officer, providing all the necessary details about your facts and circusmtances and why you are applying for Canada.

While submitting your application, you should keap in your mind that it is your duty to satisfy the Visa Officer with proper documentation that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a termporary resident.

From where to Get Visit Visa Froms:-