Sunday, December 11, 2011

Documents Required for applying for Visit Visa For Canada

a.        If the tour is sponsered by the person who is inviting you, please provide his bank statement and other relevant documents. Other documents like his immigration status in Canada is also required to be submitted with your application.
b.       Following documents should be filed to prove your financial ties in Pakistan:-

                                                               i.      Details of your business. You can provide trading, profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow and detail of wealth duly attested by some authorized person like Chartered Accountant or an Income Tax Practitioner. These statements should be in reconcilation with your bank statement.
                                                              ii.      In case you are an employee, please provide:-
1.        certificate from the employer
2.        Pay slips.
3.        No objection certificate to the effect that your employer has no objection and he will allow you leave for the period you are intending to visit to Canada.

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