Sunday, December 11, 2011

Canadian Visit Visa From Pakistan

1.        How to submit your application for canadian visit visa. Canadian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan do not accept applications directly. The prospective visitors should have to apply through Fedex or TCS. However, it is recommended that one should apply through Fedex because their services are more professional and they guide better to their customers. Further information in this context could be obtained from Garry’s Website for Canadian Visa:-

2.        From where to get the relevant application package.
3.        You should also attach following documents with your visit visa application:-

a.        A valid passport, which is not going to be expired in next six months. There should also be atleast one black page of your passport. All previous passports should also be submitted.
b.       One copy of computerized national identity card (CNIC). It is adviseable to make a color copy of front and back page of your CNIC on the front of one page.

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