Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What if your Canadian Visit Visa is Refused?

If your visa for Canada is refused, only option that you have is to file a new application for Canadian Visa and pay fresh application fee. There is no concept of filing formal appeal against the said refusal. It is advisable that you may make the second attempt for Canadian Visit Visa only if there is a change in your circumstances or you have additional information which could not be provided with your earlier application and you believe that such an information may be helpful for the Visa Officer to decide your request for Visit Visa in your favor.

Suppose, your visit visa is refused for the simple reason that you did not have the travel history to prove that you are a genuine visitor. In such circumstances, it is recommended that you may not apply for Canadian Visit Visa unless and unless you have made some foreign trip. As a policy your new application will be examined by the Officer other than the Officer who earlier examined your application.

In case, you are sure that your visa is refused arbitrarily by the Visa Officer without considering and appreciating the true aspects of your case, then you can file an appeal before the Federal Court of Canada to seek judicial review of the refusal decision made by the Canadian Visa Officer. But there are very rare chances that the Federal Court may intervene. 

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