Sunday, December 11, 2011

Things to Do For applying for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan

I was intending to apply for Visit Visa of Canada from Pakistan. However, despite hectic efforts I found great problems to find out the necessary information required for submission of my application for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan on the website of due to so many links provided therein. So I hereby decided to provide brief and basic information needed by a Pakistani who needs a visit visa for Canada, which is annunciated hereunder:-

1.        The first thing one should know to apply for visit visa for Canada from Pakistan is that he has to fill in the online form and to get the copy thereof for submission in the Fedex Office of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad etc. They do not accept handwritten or typed application forms. They will not receive your manually filled in applications.

2.        For Temporary Resident Visa (Single Entry) the fee in Pak Rupee is 5,250. This fees could be paid in Canadian Dollars which is Can $ 75. For multiple visa the fees is Rs.10,500/- (Can. $ 150).

3.        How to pay the fee for canadian Visit Visa? The fee is to be paid through designated Branches of Standard Chartered Bank. Detail of branch network of Standard Chartered Bank can be obtained from their website: The challan form for payment of fee for canadian visa is available with the designated branches. After payment of fee two copies of challan will be returned to you and bank will retain two copies. Out of these two copies you have to attach green copy of challan. Please note that only green copy of challan is accepted as an evidence of payment of fee. Please note that this fees is non-refundable irrespective of the fact whether your application is accepted or refused.

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